domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Cheesecake Rules I

I went to a master course of cheesecakes with a great chef, so I want to share simple rules to make great cheesecakes

cream cheese has to be of good quality
cream cheese has to be at room temperature
When adding eggs do not over mix, because air will get into the mix and the cheese cake will go up and break

Oven temperature is medium, if it´s too hot it will make cheesecake dry, and change texture.
Cheesecake finishes baking outside, you should take it out when it finishes the time stablished in the recipe, if you believe it´s underdone, leave it in the oven after turning it off.
Cheesecake molds are high, apply pam so you can release it from it easier.
If you are baking many cakes at the same time, put a mold in the oven with some water, so that cheesecakes bake with humidity

I hope that this simple rules that I learned  will help you

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