viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

Palmiers with Chocolate

I had made some pastry palmiers the day before, so was figuring out how to make them irresistible, I also had some good chocolate and sprinkles, so I knew they would do a great addition, its a simple way to change things that we might find boring into mouth watering ones, and of course in a very simple and fun way, even children can help us.

40 puff pastry Palmiers
250 grs. semi-sweet chocolate
250 grs white chocolate
100 grs milk chocolate sprinkles

Place all the palmiers in a plate or center piece
melt both chocolates separately
place milk chocolate in a pastry bag and pour all over the palmiers.
then do the same with white chocolate
Finally add the chocolate chips all over them
Let Palmiers stand for 40 min. or untill set

 drizzle white chocolate

                                     add semi-sweet chocolate

                                      then chocolate sprinkles

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