jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

Sweet and Pink

This recipe, is the clasic sable cookie dough you can use any mold that you like, depending on the occassion for Valentine´s Day of course the heart shape is perfect.
You can use different size heart molds.
the recipe:

Still not Valentine's Day, so what can we do? a good idea is to keep on baking, keep on decorating, hearts, and hearts, pink and red are the official colors.
so why loosing time buying anything? if we can do it by ourselves, people are going to love it.

But most important, tell your friends, you need them, tell them you care about them, and tell them each day is happier just because you have them.

So special friends, I do care about you ok?

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  1. Nice thoughts and pictures, Magali.

    I think you could start a whole series of photographs of only sinfully sweet foods. I'm sure they will be very popular. :)


  2. I just love that you started a blog...I love it so far! Love the photos! Good luck my sweet friend.

  3. I don't know if i did it right as I don't understand any Spanish, but I think I'm one of your followers now...hahahahaha

  4. Thank you Samir and Hélene for your nice comments I appreciate, glad you both are following me :)

  5. Thank you Cholena, glad you liked them