domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Transparent Fruit Jello

New year is here, and I don´t know about you, but after baking, eating and seeing lots of delicious treats due to the Christmas Season, I decided to dedicate this month of January to posting lighter desserts, and jello´s, to try to make a fresh start, I hope you like them.
This fruit jello is a crowd pleaser believe me, and you can keep it in the fridge for several days, you can even prepare it in advance like 2 or 3 days and unmold it when needed.

4 cups of water (divided in 3)
300 grs. sugar 
40 grs. unflavored jell-0
1 gr. citric acid
2 tsp. food flavoring, like orange, strawberry, pineapple or the one you prefer.

you can use the fruits you prefer, I used:
pineapple(it has to be canned)
walnuts (halved) 
You can put the amount you want

4 cups of milk
300 grs. sugar
30 grs. unflavored gelatin 
2 Tbsp. food flavoring( I used almond) vanilla works too

Put one of the three parts of water to hidratate the unflavored gelatin..
The second part heat it in the stove with the sugar..
When the water begins to boil with the sugar, add the part of water in which you added the unflavored gelatin to hidratate..
Mix till the gelatin disolves..
Add the thirth part of water, then the citric acid and the flavoring..
with a paper napkin add a few drops of oil to the mold of your preference(this is to unmold easier the jell-o).
Pour 1 cup of this transparent jell-o in the mold and let it stand for 30 minutes or until ready in the refrigerator.

You have to prepare the fruit following the next steps so that it can mantain it's freshness and colors..
Dip the fruit in the rest of the transparent jell-o and put each dipped fruit in a silpat or just put it in a plate..
Arrange the fruit on top of the jell-o you kept in the refrigerator..
After you finish the arrangement with a spoon drop lines of the same transparent jello, this is to mantain the fruits on the same place, acts like a glue..
Wait a few minutes till the jell-o gets a little firm..
Add the rest of the transparent jell-o..

Refrigerate for 3 hours.

Hidratate the unflavored gelatin by mixing it with 1/3 of the milk..
Put the other part of the milk to boil with the sugar, then add the milk with the unflavored gelatin, add the rest of the milk and finaly the almond falvoring..
Wait till this is almost cold and pour over the transparent jello...

 Refrigerate for another 3 hours, and unmold it carefully, now you´re set up! ready to enjoy it!!!

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