martes, 15 de febrero de 2011

Artistic Flower Jell-O

This jell-o is beautiful to look at and delicious at the same time, you need a little practice and patience, but the results are amazing. People think you used plastic flowers. they can't believe you did them with a syringe

Transparent Jell-o 

start injecting the center of the flower

add some pink petals you can bend the needle and continue injecting

add green and milk Jell-o to finish 


6 cups of water (divided in 3 parts )
450 gr. sugar
60 gr. unflavored gelatin
2 gr. citric acid
3 tbsp. liquid flavouring (raspberry, pineapple, orange, lemon)

4 cups of milk ( divided in 3)
300 gr. sugar
40 gr. unflavored gelatin
20 ml. bioxido de titanio 16%( In english maybe titanium bioxide 16% which means edible) This substance is for making the milk flower jell-o more elastic and easier to manage.
2 tbsp. almond flavoring 

1 or 2 syringes regular ones will do, meaning not for insuline because the needle is very narrow. 

Bowl with hot water 


1.Pour one part of water and mix it with unflavoured gelatin.
2.Put another part of water to boil with the sugar.
3. When it starts boiling put the fire off and add the gelatn mix.
4.Move it slowly till the gelatin dissolves.
5.Add the last part of water.
6.Add the citric acid.
7.Add the liquid flavouring.

Wait till it's not hot and pour it in a greased mold, (it can be a pyrex,or any jell-o mold, it's better if it's transparent, that will help you see how you go with the decoration, you have to grease it with a little cooking oil, put it in a paper napkin and just place a little oil all over the mold, this is for an easy unmold.

Let it stand for 3 hours in the fridge.


1. hydrate the unflavored gelatin in one part of milk.
2. Put the second part of milk to boil with the sugar.
3. When it starts boiling put off the fire and add the gelatin mixture.
4.Wait till the gelatin dissolves in the milk.
5. Add the almond flavouring.
6. Add the bioxido de titanio 16%

Now you're almost ready, divide your milk jell-o in as many parts you want, you're going to add some drops of food coloring to each part.
For working the flowers you need a bowl with hot water, you need this in order to put the syringe for example the one with yellow milk while working with the pink syringe
the hot water keep thIf your flower jello starts to set you put it a few seconds in the macrowave and continue working.

You start with  the yellow, fill the syringe and just go into the transparent jell-o like if you were injecting someone, or the christmas turkey.
you can practice in an spare transparent jell-o.
Then the pink, you go in with the syrige, inyect some color move the syringe while going out to make like petals and continue to do more, the only secret is to start always at the same point.
you can clean the transparent jell-o with a cloth with warm water squeezed of course.
You can add as many colors and petals as you want, and finally finish with milk jell-o I used white one (with no coloring).
Let it stand and enjoy. eat as a regular jell-o.

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