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Flower Truffle Cake Recipe

This is a great cake with mousse texture,it's very easy and you can prepare it one of two days before, keeps it's texture and flavor for days, keep it in the refrigerator.
This recipe is a keeper really, you can also add a little color if you like with sugar crystals and glitters depending on the ocassion.
Serving it with a little scoop of fresh whipped cream might just be delicious.
150 grs semisweet chocolate
225. grs. butter
4 tablespoons of powder sugar
5 eggs
200 grs. chopped walnuts

350 grs. semisweet chocolate
150 grs. whipping cream

10 grs. dark cocoa (unsweetened)
10 grs. Hersheys cocoa
paper stencil (flower figures cut out of a sheet of paper)
Cover a round mold with a damp cloth.

CAKE Preparation
Melt chocolate a bain Marie.
Cream butter, add sugar and add egg yolks.
Add the melted and cooled chocolate and the chopped walnuts.
Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form, add the chocolate mix.
Pour into the mold.
Refrigerate at least for 12 hours.

Heat the cream, then turn off the heat and add the chocolate chopped.
wait till the chocolate has melted.
Mix perfectly, and wait till cooled to decorate the cake.

Unmold cake, cover with ganache.
Refrigerate for 3 hours.
Place the paper cuts on top of the cake.
Sift powder cocoa alternating colors.
Take out the flower papers

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